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The badIdea CNC Machine

BadIdea CNC Project Home

My crazy retirement project!

Introduction About the badIdea CNC Project

Who am I? What is this Project? Why is it being built?

New First 3D Printed Bearing Tests

Poor test results lead to a redesign.

New 3D Printed Cable Chain

Making a 3D printed Cable Chain

New 3D Printing Bearing Filament

Notes on using iglide 150 bearing filament to print slide bearings

New Building Safer Circular Saw Travelers

Many circular saw travelers disable the circular saw blade guard. It just takes a bit more effort to keep its functionality.

Energy Storage

Energy Storage Home

Energy storage calculators

Updated Gravity Piston Calculator 1

Gravity Piston Energy Storage Calculator

New Gravity Piston Calculator 2

Gravity Piston Energy Storage Calculator 2

Off Topic

Off Topic Home

Posts not related to the badIdea CNC project or Energy Storage

New Roll Your Own Website

Why this website was created from scratch

New Extract PHP Variables

This website can extract variables from one post to use on another.

New PHP Calculation Form + Notes

Server side calculating form + notes - companion to 'PHP Calculating Form'.

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