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The badIdea CNC Machine

BadIdea CNC Project Home

My crazy retirement project!

New First 3D Printed Bearing Tests

Poor test results lead to a redesign.

New The Design Process

What make a good designer?

Updated Workbench

My new workbench. A combination of table saw, panel saw and bandsaw

New An Easy 2x3 Workbench

A quick and useful workbench made from a pile of 2x3 lumber

New Fusion 360 Boolean Modeling

Making models by adding and subtracting shapes - featuring 3D printed bearing blocks

Energy Storage

Energy Storage Home

Energy storage calculators

Updated Gravity Piston Calculator 1

Gravity Piston Energy Storage Calculator

New Gravity Piston Calculator 2

Gravity Piston Energy Storage Calculator 2

Off Topic

Off Topic Home

Posts not related to the badIdea CNC project or Energy Storage

New Roll Your Own Website

Why this website was created from scratch


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