Who am I?, What is this website about?

Introduction - Updated About the badIdea CNC Project

Who am I? What is this Project? Why is it being built?

The badIdea CNC Machine - New & Updated Posts

BadIdea CNC Project Home

My crazy retirement project! The complete collection of posts (so far).

NEW Snap Off Connections

Make side supports that snap off after printing

Updated Alignment Pins and Screws

Screws were never meant to provide alignment

Bridging Tests

Three ways to bridge a circular gap

NEW Fusion 360 Boolean Modeling

Making models by adding and subtracting shapes - featuring 3D printed bearing blocks

NEW Fusion 360 Super Boolean Modeling

Fast and Easy Cavities and Assemblies

Updated Accurate Table Saw Fence Adjustment

An easy way to accurately adjust a table saw fence - Jan 2021

NEW Building Safer Circular Saw Travelers

Many circular saw travelers disable the circular saw blade guard. It just takes a bit more effort to keep its functionality.

NEW Panel Square Part 2 - Disappointment

First failed attempt to use the panel square. New post - Feb 2021

Energy Storage - New and Updated Posts

Energy Storage Home

The complete collection of energy storage calculators

New Compressed Air Principles

Theory of CAES

Gravel Gravity Energy Storage Calculator

Store energy by raising and lowering gravel

New Pump Energy Storage Calculator

Store energy by raising and lowering water

Off Topic - New and Updated Posts on Website Development

Off Topic Home

A few posts related to the development of this website.

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